Project Details (Individual Project)

According to an article written by Michelle Maiese, distributive justice is “concerned with the fair allocation of resources among diverse members of a community.” It involves members of a community or society sharing the benefits and burdens that they are given. Giving to charity is a perfect example of distributive justice because it involves sharing goods and wealth with those less fortunate. For my project, I chose to add a donation feature to Venmo to reflect an example of distributive justice as a digital artifact designed for justice.


Venmo for Charity includes several new features that allow the user to donate to different charitable organizations directly from the application. Each organization would have their own profile page, similar to profile pages of Venmo users. These pages would need to be certified and approved by Venmo so that users can confirm the authenticity of their donation. This also ensures that the system is fair and that the organizations who are in genuine need of assistance can receive it.

Designed by Kamryn Harris using Adobe Muse