Project Details (Group Project)

OutreachSmart is a specialized learning tool designed to help student leaders learn about smart city technology and learn how to use these technologies to teach their communities. This tool is a compilation of different smart city technology projects that could be relevant at any STEM outreach event. The projects are separated into Weather/Environmental Projects, Transportation Projects, People Projects. Users can go through each of the categories and choose the projects they think will best fit their events. On each project page, we have gathered the information that will not only give them content knowledge that teaches them about the technology, but we have also provided pedagogical knowledge that enables them to teach the technology at their event. Each project also allows for the user to post the results of the project at their event, as well as comment on the success of other users. Inspiration for this design came from programs like Google’s CS First and the Raspberry Pi website. Each of these web applications provide users with the resources they need to learn and teach the technology. They are accessible in a sense that anyone can participate in learning and teaching. We wanted our design to mirror the structure of these programs, but we have designed ours to focus specifically on smart city technology. We also wanted to emphasize building a community of student leaders so they may work together utilizing this technology to continue to bridge the digital divide in their communities.

Personal Responsibilities: Mock up Design, Presentation Design & Content, Demo Video production


Designed by Kamryn Harris using Adobe Muse