Project Details (Individual Project)

Demyoga -  in which dem is Latin for community, is a digital solution created to assist less experienced yoga participants effectively engage in the practice of community yoga. Demyoga uses one Bluetooth earbud, paired with a mobile application and a digital yoga mat to help users correct their poses in large community yoga sessions where the instructor cannot individually assist each person. Users begin by joining a community yoga session via the Demyoga app, and connecting both their earbud and mat to the Bluetooth on their phone. The user can now receive calming instructions that will guide them to correcting each pose that is a part of a preset routine provided by the session leader. The digital yoga mat will glow a subtle blue spot in the exact area that the user should move their hands and feet. Once the user is properly locked into each pose, the mat will provide a light and relaxing haptic feedback to confirm the user’s position.

Demyoga Mat Demo

Designed by Kamryn Harris using Adobe Muse